Freelance Editing

I began freelance work the summer before my graduation. The dean of student affairs recommended me to a PhD candidate at Indiana State University. Since, I’ve gained new clients through old college connections and expanded my client network into Canada.

The Take-away

Freelancing is a 360° job. I love it. I’m my own client manager and my own marketing and accounting departments. Being in charge of my schedule has allowed me to work on special projects, such as moving to the Denver area and putting together this portfolio.

Editing is a cerebral job. I love it too. Reading and revising client drafts allows me to learn and brainstorm about the topics therein while considering their significance and surrounding factors. Occasionally, I can even network clients together when their research is relevant to one another. It is as rewarding as it is educational, and the education goes both ways.

Working at the writing center gave me a keen eye for detail and a practiced sensitivity to client concerns, constructive notes, and final reporting. Various college courses, such as accounting, design, and marketing, helped me to grow my client list and do so responsibly to accrue revenue.

Diversity in my college courses also gave me a solid foundation of understanding with the variety of clients and research topics. For instance, organizational leadership and psychology courses provided strong context for the dissertation I edited with my first client. Project and event management courses taught me to schedule, schedule, schedule, and survey for client satisfaction.

Moving On

With this experience under my belt and my final contracts coming to a close, I’m ready to transfer my skills into an existing workforce, where I can work more collaboratively with a team.



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